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PRO210 is a fixed diameter, linear high performance coil spring for use on adjustable coilover suspensions. It is used on all Tanabe Sustec Pro suspensions, and the technology is used in ALL Tanabe performance coil springs.

The PRO210 spring was developed through many years of R&D and tested on JGTC and N1 endurance cars on Japan's fastest circuits. Our involvement was necessary to produce a spring of extreme quality, durability, and lightweightedness, made to exact specifications to meet the needs of circuit racing. Various materials were tested, and it was found that SWI200 steel alloy would prove to be the most durable if manufactured properly. Materials such as titanium were tested, but titanium had exhibited shortened durability and was also very expensive. Through a highly advanced manufacturing process, an amazing tensile strength of 2100nm was acheived using only SWI200 steel alloy. No other manufacturer has been able to reach this level of strength in a coil spring-- even those that use more expensive materials to strengthen their coil spring.

Sustec 210 Technology: PRO210 Competition Spring

All of our coil springs feature SUSTEC 210 Technology. Sustec 210 Technology is a series of manufacturing methods developed to create a stronger, thinner, and lighter spring using only high tensile steel, without adding additional elements that could affect quality, durability, or price.

"210" stands for 2100n/m of tensile strength, which is the highest strength ever acheived in a coil spring. The Tanabe Shiga factory in Japan is home to some of the most advanced, unique coil spring machines and processes in the world!

Tanabe Springs are known by various race teams in Japan for their impressive performance on the circuit.

In the JGTC GT500 class, our springs were used in the Takata Dome Racing Honda NSX.
Tanabe Springs are some of the strongest springs available for automotive use (2100n/m) and are created using some of the most advanced methods and machinery in the world. We are one of the only manufacturers who have obtained the world quality manufacturing certification ISO9001.