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Tanabe engineers performance parts for motorsports
Made in Japan, made in Tanabe. Considerable effort goes into the research and development of our race derived products. Tanabe takes great measures during R&D, pre-production, production, and post production to ensure that each individual product we produce is of the highest quality in the industry. Everything is produced in-house under strict quality control at the Tanabe factory in Shiga, Japan. Our factory and production methods are ISO9001 (International Standard Organization) and JISQ9001 certified since the beginning of the millennium taking the standards of automotive performance to new heights. By never compromising on quality, performance potential is unlimited. Tanabe Factory
Tanabe Shiga Factory Tanabe Shiga Factory

Quality System Standards: ISO9001-2000, JISQ9001-2000
Registration No: JQ365A
Registration Date: Nov. 29th, 2002

Sustec suspension management system
Dampening and rebound make up a significant part of the motion of any suspension. Often overlooked, the combined sum of the suspension components that exhibit motion when a vehicle is moving will influence that vehicle's handing characteristics. To improve vehicle suspension handling predictability, Tanabe has several lines of suspension components for complete suspension tuning and vehicle stability management: Performance lowering springs, Adjustable Coilover Suspension, Chassis Reinforcement, and multi-link suspension pieces. When exhibiting extreme loads on any suspension due to performance driving, suspension components not geared for performance may flex or move outside of the desired suspension geometry characteristics. Drive with confidence knowing your ride rolls true with Tanabe.

Sustec Coiloversustec adjustable coilover suspension
Adjustable coilover suspension has the ability to provide a wide range of fine tuning for the driving enthusiast. With the adjustable coilover suspension, weight distribution, weight transfer, dampening and rebound can be set to meet a variety of motorsports and road conditions. Tanabe adjustable coilover suspensions range from types available for comfort and street performance, to full race models suitable for competitive motorsports. Tanabe is partnered with Kayaba Industry Co. of Japan (KYB), Japan's oldest and most celebrated dampener manufacturer, in the production and engineering of the highest performing, most durable suspensions for a variety of driving applications.

Sustec SpringSustec Performance Coil Springs
The function of a spring is to compress and store energy, and then release it when the load is released and the spring returns to its natural state. The design of a spring is such that it can perform this action numerous times, without losing it's original shape and strength. On automobiles, this function keeps the tires in contact with the road to maintain traction. Additionally, the coil springs perform the function of supporting the weight of the car, absorbing shock, and managing the distribution and transferrance of weight. Taking these factors into consideration, Tanabe extensively developed spring manufacturing technology to produce the strongest, most reliable and durable spring available. Tanabe springs are one of the strongest springs currently available for automotive use (2100n/m) and are manufactured using some of the most advanced methods and machinery in the world.

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Sustec ChassisSustec Chassis Reinforcement
Completing our line of suspension tuning and reinforcement products are our chassis reinforcement products. When the power output of a vehicle is upgraded, and the handling potential of the vehicle is increased with upgraded springs, dampeners and/or adjustable coilovers, additional stress are placed on the vehicle. Because the vehicle was not built to see such loads on the car, the chassis will have a tendency to slightly flex more than normal, which can cause slight instabilities and deficiencies in handling. To improve chassis rigidity, front and rear tower bars are available to reduce flexing of the shocks towers. For the undercarriage, we reinforce the chassis using oval shaft underbraces. Chromemoly swaybars are also available for many vehicles to finalize the upgrades to a vehicles chassis, and to improve cornering speed and stability.

Tanabe ExhaustTanabe Performance Exhaust Systems
With an extensive history in developing exhaust systems for race applications in conjunction with feedback from Japan's top race teams, Tanabe exhaust systems achieve a perfect combination of a lightweight free-flowing straight-through design for maximum performance and durability. Constructed entirely of SUS304 stainless steel with the exception of the Ultra Medalion titanium cat-back exhaust system, Tanabe exhaust systems weigh significantly less than factory installed stock exhaust systems by up to ~ 40%. SUS304 stainless steel construction results in the utilization of less material mass over mild steel, producing an exhaust that is lighter, stronger, and resistant to the elements. Each exhaust system is engineered from the catalytic converter to the rear of the vehicle without modification to any emissions equipment.

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