We are looking for R&D Cars for July 2017!

by tanabeusa 6. June 2017 22:25

We will be doing R&D July 2017 and are still in search of some cars!
2017 Infiniti Q60 2.0T RWD and AWD

2017 Inifniti Q60 3.0T and Red Sport 400 AWD

Lexus GS-F

Must be able to drop off car at our Torrance facility and leave with us for approx. five business days. Transportation to and from our facility if your responsibility. Car must be in good working order and in have no aftermarket parts such as intake, any exhuast parts, wheels and tire. *We cannot offer rental cars or monetary compensation nor do we gaurantee that we can leave any parts on your car.

If interested, please call us at 310-783-0200 or email info@tanabe-usa.com



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