Medalion Touring Exhaust for Infiniti Q60 3.0t & Red Sport 400 RWD

by Tanabe USA 1. September 2017 14:07

We test fit an axleback exhaust for the Q60 3.0t and Red Sport 400 (RWD) under the Medalion Touring Name. Made of SUS304 Stainless steel, 100mm double wall angle cut tips, this will bolt on to factory midpipe without issues.

Part# T70200A



Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust for 09-14 Acura TSX (4 Cyl)

by Tanabe USA 21. July 2017 16:23

We are testing a new Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system for 09-14 Acura TSX (4 Cyl). This is a complete cat-back system with dual mufflers:

Fitment has been done and there were no issues!

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Acura TSX (4 Cyl)

Medalion Touring Exhaust for 2017 Lexus GS F

by Tanabe USA 21. July 2017 16:13

Today we are testing a new axle back exhaust for the Lexus GS F:

The exhaust fit perfectly and compliments the aggressive styling that is found on the GS F.

The exhaust note is a deep tone that does not exceed over 93db. It definitely pairs well with the mean engine rumble of the GS F.

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Lexus GS F

NF210 Springs for 2017 Q60 3.0t RWD

by Tanabe USA 12. July 2017 15:11

Today we have a Q60 3.0t RWD and we will also test fit the new NF210 springs to determine its fitment on this model:

Part# TNF200, MSRP $320


First we will take a look at the Q60 3.0t RWD at its stock height:


Here is how the Q60 sits on the new NF210 springs:

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Infiniti Q60 3.0t RWD

NF210 Springs for 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD

by Tanabe USA 11. July 2017 19:35

Next up we are testing a newly developed set of NF210 lower springs for the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD:


But first we have to look at the Q60 at stock height:


Here is the Q60 with the NF210 springs installed:

The Q60 in its lowered position gives off a very agressive and sporty look!

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Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD

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