Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust for 09-14 Acura TSX (4 Cyl)

by Tanabe USA 21. July 2017 16:23

We are testing a new Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system for 09-14 Acura TSX (4 Cyl). This is a complete cat-back system with dual mufflers:

Fitment has been done and there were no issues!

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Acura TSX (4 Cyl)

Medalion Touring Exhaust for 2017 Lexus GS F

by Tanabe USA 21. July 2017 16:13

Today we are testing a new axle back exhaust for the Lexus GS F:

The exhaust fit perfectly and compliments the aggressive styling that is found on the GS F.

The exhaust note is a deep tone that does not exceed over 93db. It definitely pairs well with the mean engine rumble of the GS F.

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Lexus GS F

NF210 Springs for 2017 Q60 3.0t RWD

by Tanabe USA 12. July 2017 15:11

Today we have a Q60 3.0t RWD and we will also test fit the new NF210 springs to determine its fitment on this model:

Part# TNF200, MSRP $320


First we will take a look at the Q60 3.0t RWD at its stock height:


Here is how the Q60 sits on the new NF210 springs:

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Infiniti Q60 3.0t RWD

NF210 Springs for 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD

by Tanabe USA 11. July 2017 19:35

Next up we are testing a newly developed set of NF210 lower springs for the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD:


But first we have to look at the Q60 at stock height:


Here is the Q60 with the NF210 springs installed:

The Q60 in its lowered position gives off a very agressive and sporty look!

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Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 RWD

NF210 Springs for 2018 Toyota C-HR

by Tanabe USA 10. July 2017 18:18

It's time for Tanabe USA's R&D session and this time we've got plenty of new cars, starting with the all new Toyota C-HR. We tested our prototype NF210 springs on this car and it has turned out perfect!


First here is the C-HR in stock height:


Now here is the C-HR with the NF210 springs installed:

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Toyota C-HR

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