Tanabe Axleback/Mid-Pipe/Y-Pipe for 2014 Infiniti Q60

by Tanabe USA 28. July 2014 19:45

We test fitted the Tanabe axle back/mid-pipe/y-pipe on the 2014 Infiniti Q60. .

Axleback Exhaust



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Infiniti Q60

Nissan 370z Medalion Touring + Y-pipe on dyno

by Tanabe USA 9. April 2010 18:08

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Nissan 370Z

G37 at the Dyno

by Tanabe USA 30. March 2010 15:12

G37 at the dyno shop with Tanabe Y-Pipe, Midpipe, and Prototype Medalion Touring Rear Canister Section.



Looks like the combination made a pretty nice power increase as well. Have a look at the dyno printout below :)

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Infiniti G37 Coupe

G37: y-pipe + midpipe + medalion touring

by Tanabe USA 29. March 2010 21:12

Finally with the Y-pipe, Mid-pipe, and Medalion Touring rear section installed.

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Infiniti G37 Coupe

350Z HR Y-Pipe Test

by Tanabe USA 30. November 2009 18:08

The next item for testing was the 350Z Y-Pipe upgrade. The Tanabe Y-Pipe includes sections of flex-piping to maintain durability, even if the exhaust system experiences flexing during driving.

350Z HR Y-Pipe

350Z HR Y-Pipe

Technician Maeda is impressed to the depths of his heart.

350Z HR Y-Pipe

350Z HR Y-Pipe

350Z HR Y-Pipe

Not bad for a a day's worth of testing.

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Nissan 350Z HR

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