Tanabe CR-Z R&D Complete!

by Tanabe USA 26. August 2010 19:02

The Honda CR-Z we used for the R&D recieved the following products for testing:

- CR-Z Medalion Concept G Exhaust
- CR-Z Medalion Touring Exhaust
- CR-Z NF210 Springs
- CR-Z Under Brace


The CR-Z's OEM exhaust:




Here we have the CR-Z in R&D with the Concept G Exhaust:








Here we have the Tanabe Touring Medalion installed on the CR-Z:






Video and Dyno Sheets of the stock exhaust, G Concept, and Medalion Touring Exhaust are below.

Stock Exhaust


G Concept Exhaust

Medalion Touring Exhaust







Here the NF Springs are installed (for your comaprison, the first picture is the OEM height, second picture is height with NF Springs):


Side View- OEM

Side View- Tanabe NF Springs



Rear Quarter View- OEM

Rear Quarter View- Tanabe NF Springs



Rear View- OEM

Rear View- Tanabe NF Springs



Front Quarter View- OEM

Front Quarter View- Tanabe NF Springs



Front View- OEM

Front View- Tanabe NF Springs

Honda CR-Z R&D Start!

by Tanabe USA 24. August 2010 21:17

Hope you guys are enjoying these updates! The newest car we're working on is the much anticipated Honda CR-Z!!

Stay tuned for the updates on this car in the next upcoming days!


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