Subaru Legacy GT (2010) - NF210 Installed

by Tanabe USA 25. January 2011 18:07

NF210 installed on the 2010 LGT...




Subaru Legacy GT (2010) - NF210 Testing

by Tanabe USA 25. January 2011 14:45

Next up is the NF210 for Legacy GT. (Please note that the spec on the springs will be released soon)

We first compare the stock height on the vehicle before we do our test.




Now for the testing to begin... first we measure the height on all sides.



Now for the comparison...



So far looking good...



Subaru Legacy GT (2010+) - Under Brace R&D

by Tanabe USA 25. January 2011 14:17

First off for the Legacy GT is the Under brace... It is a 2 point under brace that simply installs under the vehicle.

Here we carefully inspect under the vehicle and find the installation point for the Under Brace.


And of course the installed product...




Unfortunately, this R&D did not pass. While it fits perfectly in Japan Spec vehicles with no problems. The US spec LGT had a little problem. As you can see the part does fit. But when the car is revved hard or is under a heavy load the exhaust tends to move and shake a lot. Which will lead to hitting the Under brace... Although simple adjustment this product will be a GO!

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Subaru Legacy GT (2010)

Subaru Legacy GT (2010) - R&D

by Tanabe USA 24. January 2011 22:29

To start off the year we are testing Under brace and NF210 springs for the Legacy GT. 





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Subaru Legacy GT (2010)

2010 Legacy GT Tanabe Tower Bar R&D

by Tanabe USA 26. August 2010 22:19

We've installed the Tower Bar on a 2010 Legacy GT during this R&D Session. The bar has made a noticible difference right away, according to the driver. 





Tower Bar mounted on the Legacy GT!

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