IS350 Resonated Midpipe Dyno Sheet!

by Tanabe USA 26. August 2010 16:09

As you all know, we worked on a midpipe for the Lexus IS250/350. These are the results from the dyno of the stock IS350 with only Tanabe's resonated midpipe, bolted to the stock exhaust : 


So as you can see here, Tanabe's resonated midpipe has made quite an improvement in horsepower, almost 10 horsepower more, and almost 7 more pounds of torque.

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Lexus IS250/350

Two More IS350 Videos!

by Tanabe USA 24. August 2010 21:45

Here's some more videos on the Lexus IS350 for you guys to enjoy! Directly below is the Lexus IS350 R&D Car with the Tanabe Resonated Midpipe connected to the Medalion Touring Exhaust.

And below here is the Lexus IS350 R&D car with just a Tanabe IS350 straight piped midpipe connected to the stock exhaust.

IS350 with Tanabe Resonated Midpipe and Medalion Touring Exhaust

by Tanabe USA 24. August 2010 16:12

So after putting the midpipe with the resonator back on, we also
decided to put the super medalion touring exhaust on. We then dyno’d
the IS350 with the midpipe and the medalion touring exhaust before
calling it a day.





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Lexus IS250/350

IS350 with straight pipe and midpipe installed!

by Tanabe USA 23. August 2010 20:38

Another quick update on the IS350 we have here for R&D: We have now installed the straight pipe with the midpipe! It should make quite a signifigant exhaust note change, and some extra power. We will let you know after we come back from the Dyno, with videos too!




Stay Tuned!

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